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Maya | Is it worth using in 2024



I think Maya is amazing from the context of a large corporation or a job that requires a very specific feature that is not available in other software. Otherwise, I think its very solid offering is rather tainted by the high costs, that I personally are not justified for most users. I would recommend it to large studios, established professionals, or users that need a very specific feature that is not available in other software. Otherwise, I would recommend looking into other software that offers similar features at a more affordable price point.



Yearly Subscription - (Full) and 1 other plans



As this software has more cons than pros, it may not be the best choice if the cons are important to you.



All softwares have cons, but it's important to know what they are before making a decision.



There are alternatives to this software that may be better suited to your needs.

Maya Feature Overview

  • Modeling
  • Animation
  • Rigging
  • Simulation
  • Rendering
  • Scripting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Character Animation
  • Particle Effects
  • Fluid Simulation
  • Hair and Fur
  • Cloth Simulation
  • Virtual Reality
  • Python API
  • Arnold Renderer
  • Bifrost

Maya Pricing


$205 undefined


Yearly Subscription - (Full)

$1620 undefined


About Maya

Maya is an industry-standard 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software developed by Autodesk. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for professionals in the fields of animation, VFX, game development, and more.

Maya Pros and Cons



Maya excels in its versatility, offering tools for modeling, animation, rigging, rendering, and simulation. Its robust feature set caters to the diverse needs of professionals in various industries.

Industry Standard

As an industry-standard software, Maya enjoys widespread adoption in film, television, game development, and other creative industries. Its compatibility with other Autodesk products enhances its utility in production pipelines.

Animation and Rigging Workflow

Maya's animation and rigging tools are highly regarded for their flexibility and efficiency. Artists can create complex character animations and rigging setups with precision and control.


    Steep Learning Curve

    Maya has a steep learning curve, particularly for beginners. Its vast array of features and complex interface may require significant time and effort to master.

    High Cost

    Maya's licensing fees can be prohibitive for individual artists or small studios, especially when opting for the full version. However, Autodesk offers subscription plans and educational discounts to mitigate costs. That said, I personally feel that the cost is not justified outside of large studios, established professionals, or you need to use a very specific feature that is not available in other software.

    Apple Compatibility

    Maya's compatibility with Apple hardware and operating systems has been a point of contention for some users. While Maya is available on macOS, some users have reported performance issues and compatibility challenges compared to Windows and Linux platforms.

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