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My Skills

I consider my skills in 3D to be that of a very proficent generalist. I have a strong understanding of the entire 3D pipeline, and I am able to create high quality work in all areas of 3D.
But that said... I do not like to define myself by my skills with 3D. Or for that matter any software.

"We should not measure our skills with software..."
Count Dooku saying 'but our skills with a lightsaber.'

But in all seriousness - I am pretty happy with my skills. I may not be "the best of the best of the best... with honours." But if there is one thing that I have learned over the years it is that you don't need to be the best to be able to tell a good story.

As they say: Perfect is the enemy of good.

And what I am very good at is problem solving.

That is really what 3D is all about. You have a set of tools at your disposal, and a vision. And you need to figure out how to use those tools to achieve that vision.

My Journey (So Far...)

I won't bore you with every little event... so here is the rundown.

My First Steps with Blender

I started using Blender when I was 12 years old. (I think it was 2.4 or 2.5 in those days... but it has been a while so I have quite fogotten).

But it wasn't till I was in high school, and I was looking for a way to make my own movies, that I started to explore this world of digital art more.

I have always had a passion for storytelling. Since I was 7 years Old I wanted to be an Author and Director.

Nearly Giving up

In those early days. I gave up on Blender quite quickly... For you see... I couldn't even work out how to move the cube for one whole week! And I am not even joking. I was so frustrated that I gave up on Blender for a whole year.

But then I came back to it. And I started to learn. I started to learn how to use the software. And I started to learn how to tell stories with it. I started to learn how to make movies with it. And I started to learn how to make games with it.

Even now I am still learning. There is always more to learn.

My First 3D Film

I look back on the first true 3D film that I made with Blender fully. I won't go into the details of it here. But it was a 5 minute long film that I made for a school project. And it was the first time that I had ever made a film that I was truly proud of.

While it was a bit more artsy than I would have liked. It still managed to go on exhibition at the local art gallery and then after that at Art Express (An Australian art exhibition for high school students in their final year selected from only a few works).


This has been such an amazing journey for me, and it got me thinking about how people are learning Blender today.

There are so many amazing tutors and resources out there... But I feel like there is something missing. I feel like there is a lack of storytelling in the way that people are learning Blender.

A lack of focus on the beginners journey. A lack of focus on the fundamentals. A lack of focus on the art of storytelling.

I see too many video's that are about how to do very specific things, but not enough about how to use the software as a whole.

My Teaching Journey

And so I put my storytelling skills on hold and took up the mantle of a teacher for a time. I started to teach people how to use Blender. And I started to teach people how to tell stories with Blender.

I have been so privilaged to have met so many up and coming artists, buisness owners, enthusiasts, fellow storytellers and educators, and hobbyists. It has been such a joy able to help them on their journey.

Building Polyfable

But I could only do so much, and it took a lot of time. I needed a way to continue to be able to help people, but also be able to pursue my stories that I have had to put on hold. So I decided to learn how to code. I decided to learn how to build a website. And I decided to learn how to build a community.

And here we are... I have built a website. I have built a community. And I have built a platform for people to learn Blender.

But now I am ready to return to my storytelling roots. I am ready to return to my passion and true skill. I am ready to return to my dream. And I want to teach you from that perspective as I progress towards it. So that you too may follow in my path if you choose so. Or simply be able to use Blender to tell your own stories. Be it as simple as a product placement or as grand as a dark fantasy

My Goals with this Platform

My goals with this platform are quite simple. To help you learn Blender. And to help you tell stories with Blender.

I know how difficult it is to learn on your own. You spend hours and hours looking for that "next step" and peicing the puzzle peices togeather yourself.

I want to help you by being your guide through this wonderous land of 3D. This platform will not teach you anything new that isn't out there already. But it will help you to learn it in a more structured and unique way.

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