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How Many Blender Users Are There?

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I would estimate that there are between 15 - 25 million active blender users as of writing this article.

This is by no means an accurate number, but my best guess based on the information available, and to me it seems like a fair assessment.

But why do we care how many users blender has?

Well... there is also something nice knowing that the software you use is popular!

But honestly, the reason we would want to know how many Blender users there are that is can provide an insight as to the health of the community and software as a whole.

Now there is no need to be worry. Blender is nice and healthy. But lets jump in and find out how I came to the number of 15 - 25 million.

What is Blender?

Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software that is available for various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The Growth of Blender

Blender has seen tremendous growth in popularity over the years, thanks to its robust set of features, its active and supportive community, and its affordability (since it is free to use).

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The software has attracted a large number of users from different backgrounds, including professionals in the entertainment industry, students, independent artists, and hobbyists.

Estimating the Number of Blender Users

While it is difficult to accurately determine the exact number of Blender users, we can get an estimate based on various data sources and metrics.

Blender Download Statistics

One way to estimate the number of Blender users is by analyzing the download statistics provided by the Blender Foundation. According to the foundation's website, Blender has been downloaded 14 million times from blender.org in 2020 alone!

Article on Blender Foundation

This staggering number gives us a glimpse into the broad user base that Blender has been able to attract.

And we must remember that this is but one of their release channels. Blender is also distributed via steam and the windows store. Current users on steam

As of writing this article there are currently 4783 con-current users.

And according to SteamDB it has been downloaded a further 1.66 - 4.27 million times (based upon the amount of reviews)

SteamDB stats for Blender

These numbers can help us come up with some ballpark figures as to how many blender users there are.

But does everyone upgrade?

It is great to see that there are so many downloads. But we need to keep in mind that a lot of people downloading are already Blender users, and are simply upgrading to a newer version.

Plenty of people do not actually upgrade for quite a while.

Based on a lot of my students own version’s of blender. Most newer users do not update nearly as frequently as more experienced users. (Unless I prompt them too)

This means that the amount of blender users could be quite a lot more that the downloads suggest.

On the other hand it could also mean it is a lot less, since most of the downloads may be coming from a select set of users.

I personally think that the number of users is far higher than the download data indicates.

Blender Community and Forums

Another indicator of Blender's user base is the vibrant online community that has formed around the software.

Blender has numerous online forums, discussion boards, and social media groups where users can share their work, seek help, and engage in discussions.

These platforms have millions of registered users, which further substantiates the existence of a large and active Blender user community.

Blender Training Courses and Tutorials

The demand for Blender training courses and tutorials is another indicator of the software's popularity.

Many educational institutions, online learning platforms, and individual instructors offer courses and tutorials on Blender, catering to both beginners and advanced users.

The availability of such resources suggests that there is a significant number of individuals interested in learning and using Blender.

Professions and Industries Using Blender

Blender users come from various professions and industries, showcasing the versatility and wide-ranging applications of the software. Here are some of the main professions and industries where Blender is commonly used:

  1. Animation and Visual Effects

Blender is widely used in the animation and visual effects industry. It provides professionals with all the necessary tools to create stunning 3D animations, special effects, and character designs. Major animation studios and independent animators alike utilize Blender for their projects.

  1. Game Development

Blender is also popular among game developers for creating 3D models, textures, and environments. Its integration with game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine makes it a valuable asset for game development projects.

  1. Product Design and Visualization

Blender's ability to create realistic 3D models and renderings makes it a favoured choice for product designers and visualizers.

It enables them to showcase their designs in a visually appealing and interactive manner.

  1. Architectural Visualization

Architects and designers use Blender to create 3D models of buildings and environments, allowing them to present their designs to clients in a more immersive and realistic way.

Blender's flexibility and extensive toolset make it an ideal software for architectural visualization.

  1. Education and Research

Blender's accessibility and affordability have made it popular in educational institutions.

Many schools and universities include Blender in their curriculum to teach computer graphics and animation.

Additionally, researchers and scientists utilize Blender for scientific visualization and simulation purposes.


While it is challenging to determine the exact number of Blender users, the software's popularity, as evidenced by the download statistics, the active online community, and the availability of training resources, suggests a substantial user base.

Blender's versatility and powerful features have attracted users from various professions and industries.

Whether you are a professional animator, a game developer, a product designer, or simply an enthusiast, Blender offers a world of possibilities for your creative endeavours.

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