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Bring your stories to life with Blender. Create stunning 3D animations and visual effects with the power of open source.

Build Amazing Worlds

Learn how to create stunning 3D environments with Blender. Create realistic landscapes, sci-fi worlds, and more.

Create Stunning Characters

Create captivating 3D characters with Blender. Sculpt, rig, and animate your models with realistic textures and unique personalities.

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The Tools you will Learn

Our platform will teach you about the in's and outs of these amazing softwares. Pick and choose the tools that you will require!

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We understand. Creating digital stories is hard work. It's not just about the plot... or the characters (Though they are important). You need to blend a technical know-how with a range of artistic talents to bring your stories to life.

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Learn the basics through core training modules, that aim to equip you with actionable and deep knowlege in a subject. This is different from traditional courses, as it focuses more on outcomes, than an end result that looks good in a promotional image.
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We've developed our Learning Management Software in-house, ensuring exclusive services and tools you won't find elsewhere in digital software training.
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Deep Learning - Unlock Your Learning Journey
Our approach to teaching incorporates three key elements: Levels, Courses, and Quests.
  • Levels: Our core curriculum provides fundamental knowledge, laying a strong foundation for learning.
  • Courses: Dive deeper into practical applications, exploring ways to utilize your newfound knowledge effectively.
  • Quests: Embark on self-guided tasks filled with tips and tricks, allowing you to enhance your skills at your own pace. Coming soon
Introducing: Quest Mode
Embark on a personalized learning journey with our new Quest Mode feature. Explore self-guided tasks, uncover hidden tips, and enhance your skills at your own pace. Get ready to level up your digital story telling skills like never before.

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Get a lifetime membership to all core learning modules, current and future, on Polyfable at an incredible price. This price represents the value of the product at the time and will increase as more modules and content are added.

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  • Access to all future core courses
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Story trumps all!

Learn from a storyteller!

Polyfable is a platform that helps you bring your stories to life. We believe that stories are the most powerful way to communicate. We help you create stories that are engaging, interactive and fun. Our platform is easy to use and is designed to help you learn the art of digital storytelling. Our mission is to help you create stories that are memorable and impactful.

A dying planet, artist interpretation

A lot of other course websites are mostly focused on the technical aspects of learning the software and tools. We believe that the most important part of storytelling is the story itself. The software and tools are just a means to an end. We focus on helping you bridge the gap between the technical aspects and the storytelling aspects. We help you learn how to create stories that are engaging, interactive and fun.

  • Levels. Foundational blocks of knowledge, designed to be core to your learning of any module.
  • Courses. Learn how to apply your core knowledge, our courses, are designed to give you confidence in beginning to create your own tales.
  • Quests. The final stage of learning. Take control, and embark on the self learning exercies that are designed to challenge you.
  • Shortcuts. A fun and quick way to brush up on your memory of software specific shortcuts.

We have put a lot of thought and effort into this platform, and we will continually add to it moving into the future. Why? Well, we want to help like-minded people achieve great things togeather!

Still a beginner? We have got you!

All our levels start from the very basics. We have designed our courses in such a way that even if you are a complete beginner, you will be able to follow along and learn at your own pace. Our courses are designed to be engaging, interactive and fun. We believe that learning should be fun and enjoyable. We want you to enjoy the process of learning and creating stories.

General FAQs

Are you affilated with Blender.org?

No, Polyfable is not affiliated with Blender.org or the Blender Foundation.

This website was made by a Story Teller who loves to use Blender and other digital software and wanted to help others creatives struggling to learn, due to the digital realms more technical nature.

How many hours of content is on offer?

Polyfable is an evolving service.

This means more content is added and updated throughout the year.

Currently our courses take you to a Blender Level of 15, which mean you will have a very strong foundation in polygonal modelling.

Sign up to our newsletter to be informed of when the content you want to learn comes out.

What makes Polyfable different from other courses?

Polyfable is a tool, not a course. Our services include:

  1. Quizzes
  2. Tests
  3. Levelling
  4. Flashcards
  5. AI marking
  6. Lesson plans
  7. Courses
  8. And even more!

Making it one of the most complete solutions to learning Blender, Godot and other software for telling digital tales.

It is also continuously being updated with new content and technologies

For more info, check out our roadmap.

What level of experience do I need to have to follow the tutorials on Polyfable?

Our tutorials are designed for users of all levels, from beginners to advanced users. We strive to provide clear and concise instructions so that anyone can follow along, regardless of their experience level.

Is this service for you?

Many courses in 3D, and in extention Blender, may say that they are the best. A statment most people would agree is not necessarily true.

Instead, we like to think that every person will learn differently.

That is why we have put and emphasis on different methods for learning as well as different paths you can take. Because we know that everyone is different!

If you are struggling to learn blender, godot or just general creative practices from courses and youtube, this may well be the best service for you!

Can I suggest a topic for a tutorial, course or level for Polyfable?

Yes, we welcome tutorial suggestions from our users!

Please use the contact form on our website to submit your suggestion, and we will consider it for future tutorial content.

What is Polyfable?

Polyfable is a website dedicated to providing high-quality tutorials and resources for learning the art of story telling in the digital world.

Software that is planned and covered includes: Blender, Godot and Unity. More software content and courses will be added in the future.

Support FAQs

I need help with Blender, can I contact you?

Most questions relating to 3D will not be answered. But I can guarantee that they are read and may make an appearence in upcoming content.

If you require one - on - one lessons, please visit this page.

However, If you need to get in contact in relation to website support, please use the contact page.

I cannot see the videos on Polyfable

If you cannot see any videos on the pages, it is possible that you didn't accept cookies on this site. Try to hard reload the page and empty your cookie cache. We use Vimeo and YouTube alongside self hosted cloud streaming to serve some of the video content on this site.

3rd party platform hosts require agreement to 3rd party cookie policies in accordance to GDRP and other similar laws.

Another possibility is the browser you are using is incompatible with the site. Please ensure that you are using a modern browser with JavaScript support. For the best viewing experience please use Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

How do I opt hout of the promotional email list?

If you want to opt out of our email list, you can find an opt-out button at the bottom of all non-essential correspondences.

What if I have questions or need help? with a tutorial?

We offer a paid support service for individual tutorials. If you have questions or need additional help beyond what is covered in the tutorial, you can purchase our one on one lessons. Our support team will be happy to help you with any questions or issues you may encounter.

Please note that support for individual tutorials is a paid service.

Each course on Polyfable is designed to provide all the information you need to complete it successfully. We strive to make our courses comprehensive and easy to follow, and we include detailed explanations and examples in each lesson.

Payment FAQs

Is there a free trial?

There is no free trial, however for all first time subscribers there is a special discount. As well as a 15 day money back garrentee. You can also preview some of the lessons and content found within our services from the App.

Do you only offer subscriptions?

No, we don't only offer subscriptions. We also offer a lifetime pricing option too.

The reason why we offer both of these types of pricing is to give you flexibility to access our content.

In regards to our lifetime account type, the price of said offer will increase as more content is added to the service. As such we will recommend you get in now, to lock in a great price.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a 15 day money-back guarantee.

15 M O N E Y B A C K DAY G U A R A N T E E

For more information on how you can request a refund please visit this page.

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