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Create a Basic Stylised Ship Blender Tutorial Part 3


Written by Hayden

Published on Last Updated on
Tutorial Stats
Difficulty: Level 20
Tutorial Summary

    This is the final of the three part tutorial series, creating a basic stylised ship in Blender.

    To watch part one, click here.

    To watch part two, click here.

    This Tutorial will be looking at how to use the animation tools in conjunction with the shader editor to create more complex water shader. And how to use the graph editor to our advantage so that we don't have to re-time animations if we choose to redo them.

    About the Author


    Hello there, Blendertutorials story begins with an idea. An idea to make learning 3D more accessible and easy. There are a lot of great tutorials out there, but very few that truly have the scope or the functions of blender tutorials. My aim with this site was to create something unique, that may help people achieve their dreams with 3D. Despite the name blender tutorials and myself using the software for near on 15 years, I don't like to consider myself a Blender Artist, rather I am a story teller first and foremost. I believe Blender is a tool and it should be used in conjunction with other tools. It is for this reason that I teach you from the perceptive of a technical storyteller not a Blender Artist. And I feel that that is a defining feature of Blender Tutorials. Yes, we look at the technical side of 3D art through the lens of Blender. But it is all in service of telling a story. It has been such a journey to try and create this service. When I started. I had only limited knowledge of creating websites. Now... well... I am quite happy with the outcome. I have learnt so much on this journey from myself and from all of you that join me on it. Thank you so much for making blender tutorials apart of your learning!

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