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Polyfable V2 has released! After 1 Year of development. V2.1 bugfix is in the works.


Levels are the main content of this platform. Every level represents a core concept that you need to learn in order to become a master of your craft. Each level is broken down into lessons that you can complete at your own pace. Completing lessons earns you points which you can then use on the platform.

Getting Started with Blender

In this section we start looking at the core building blocks of your 3D journey. Why 3D is important to your storytelling craft and how to overcome some obstacles that may stand in your way.


The Importance of Mental Health

The Basics of Blender

The Basics of Editing

In this section, we will introduce you to core editing concepts that will become the backbone to your creative journey in 3D.


Tools for Editing

Basic Functions

Expanding upon Edit Mode Tools

Introduction to Modifiers

The Importance of Workflows

References, Merging and Joining


Beginning Steps of Modelling

This section will focus on introducing concepts and techniques to start developing your modelling skills.



Basic Lowpoly Humanoid

Basic Lowpoly Environment

Basic of Scene Creation

These levels will start to introduce you to concepts integral to creating fully fledged 3D scenes.


Rendering Basics

Material Basics

Basic Scene Creation


Modelling a Lowpoly Human


Requiements are not needed - but should you complete all requirements before finishing a level - you will be rewarded


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