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The Importance of Workflows | Level

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Basic Workflow

An overview of what workflows are and why they are important.

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Outlining a plan

In this lesson we look at the basic structure of a robust plan.

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Creating an Idea

Why having an idea is so important when telling a story in 3D. How should you go about it?

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Gathering References

In this lesson we look at places that you can go to find good references

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The purpose of concepts

An overview of why concept art is so important to have before starting your 3D object or project.

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Modelling Methods Introduction

In this lesson we will introduce the concept of different modelling methods.

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Basic stages of Modelling

In this lesson we will look at the basic stages of modelling and help you understand what method you may want to focus on.

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The Basics of Blocking

In this lesson we look at the most integral part of the modelling process. Blocking.

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Blocking a nail

In this example lesson we will create a very basic nail to the blockout stage

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