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The Basics of Blender | Level

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Blender is a 3D software for creating 3D modals, animation, compositing, texturing and more. In this level we will begin our first steps in learning how to use this software to tell stories.


Welcome to Blender

A quick welcome to the course, Then we start nice and easy with our first look at Blenders UI.

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Getting Started with Areas

Blenders ui can be confusing at times. The key to unravelling it is to first look at areas.

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The Basics of Area Manipulation

In this lesson we Learn the basics of how we can manipulate areas.

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Introduction to Editors

Editors are an integral part of Blenders method of interacting with data in your scene. This lesson will introduce you to them.

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Introducing the 3D Viewport

The 3D Viewport is arguably the most interacted Editor in Blender. In this lesson we will introduce it to you so you can begin to interact with 3D space.

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Navigating the 3D Viewport

Navigation is really important when working with 3D. Learn how to navigate quickly in 3D space.

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Axis and Directions

3D space can be a tricky to understand. Lets take our first steps and define direction within space

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Introduction to 3D Objects

Learn about what Objects are in the context of 3D and more specifically Blender.

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Moving Objects

In this lesson we learn how to move objects in Blender.

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Rotating Objects

In this lesson we learn how to rotate objects using the rotation tool.

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Scaling Objects

This lesson is all about introducing you to the concept of scaling an object in Blender.

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Saving and Recovering Data

One of the most important lessons you will ever learn. How to recover your data should you forget to save or tragedy strikes!

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