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In this level we go into further detail about loops and faces. And how we can use these structures to create useable patterns of geometry that enhance our work. This also known as topology. And it is integral that you learn it if you want to be a modeller.


Structure Introduction

In this lesson we will introduce the concept of structure within the context of blender.

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Creating Faces and Edges

In this lesson we look at how we can create faces and edges from scratch.

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Loop Topology

We will overview the loop topological structure within blender and how to identify them and provide context for further exploration in future lessons.

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Selecting Loops

Sometimes you will find that you need to select a loop. In this lesson we cover how you may go about doing so easily.

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Creating and Visualising Loops

This lesson will focus on the basics of creating loop structures.

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Introduction to Poles

Poles are an incredibly powerful and misunderstood structural piece. This lesson will aim to introduce these structures to you.

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Examples of Poles and Loops

This little workshop will showcase examples of Poles and Loops within an production environment

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Bridge Edge Loops Function

This lesson will introduce you to a new function, the bridge edge loops function, which will enhance your workflow while working with loops.

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