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Learning about the different output types and what settings are involved is absolutely critical if you are looking to share your creation and worlds with others.


Output properties

In this lesson we learn about the output properties found in the property editor in Blender.

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Resolution is an often overlooked variable when it comes to correctly setting up the settings for your output files in 3D. It dictates or is related to not only visual fidelity but also filesize and render time.

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Start and End Frames

This lesson will overview what exactly the start and end frame are, how to use them and how to change them.

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Frame Rate Basics

This lesson will look at the very basics of frame rate and how to change it within Blender.

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Output Basics

This lesson will look at the output submenu found in the output properties so that you can choose the location and filetype of your files.

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Basic File Formats

This lesson will go into more detail about available file formats available to you.

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Color Channels

This lesson will focus on the color channels that you can choose from when you export a file from blender as a image or file file type.

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Have you been wondering how you might go about exporting video from Blender instead of stills? Wonder no more.

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The Basics of Rending Stills

Rending still images can be very different and require or need different settings that rendering an animation. Learn about the basics of rendering stills in Blender.

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Basics of Rendering Animations

This lesson will provide a counterpoint to the previous lesson where we looked at rendering stills. In this lesson we look at rendering animations and things to think about when you do so.

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