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Modelling a Lowpoly Human | Level

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This level will expand upon all that you have learned up to this point to create your most ambitious project yet. We will create a proportionate lowpoly human. Starting from a reference all the way through to rendering.


Lowpoly human - scene setup

We will start off by going over a way to start our scene to prep for future lessons.

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Lowpoly Human - Torso creation

In this lesson we will create the torso for our lowpoly human

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Lowpoly Human - Arm Creation

In this lesson we will create the arms for our lowpoly human.

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Lowpoly Human - Simple Hands

In this lesson you will learn a simple technique to quickly and effectively block out the hands for your lowpoly human.

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Lowpoly Human - Leg creation

This lesson will look at the creation process for the legs of our lowpoly human character.

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Lowpoly Human - Feet Creation

This lesson will go into the process of creating simple feet for our Lowpoly human

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Lowpoly Human - Head

An overview of a way to create a lowpoly head for your lowpoly human. We will try and create a head that captures all of the main anatomical structures of the face.

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Lowpoly Human - Skin Material

This lesson will look at the creation of a skin material for a lowpoly human character for rendering in Blender.

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Lowpoly Human - Lighting our Scene

This scene will look at the process to light our scene for eventual render so that we can show off our modelling skills in the very best light.

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Lowpoly Human - Final Render

This lesson will overview the final render stage of this lowpoly human so that you can include it within your portfolio in future.

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