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Introduction to Modifiers | Level

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This level will introduce the concept of non-destructive editing workflow and modifiers to you within blender. These powerful concepts will be undoubtably useful for your future as a 3D artist.


Introducing Modifiers

Welcome to the world of non-destructive editing. With modifiers we can change objects without affecting their core data.

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The Importance of Apply

Learn about the importance of applying your transforms within the context of using modifiers.

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Mirror Modifier Introduction

Be introduced the mirror modifier.

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Subdivision Modifier

In this lesson we look at the subdivision modifier.

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Mesh Subdivide

Similar to the Subdivision Modifier, we will look at the function for subdividing meshes.

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Smoothing Mesh Subdivide Result

In this lesson we pick up from the last and we look at how we can easily smooth the result of the mesh subdivide function.

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Bevel Modifier

Similar to the bevel function, in this lesson we learn about the modifier that allows us to create bevels.

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Array Modifier

The array modifier is amazingly good at creating duplicate copies of a mesh in a grid like pattern.

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Mirror Modifier

In this lesson we continue looking at the functionality of the mirror modifier.

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Mirror Modifier Part 2

Further learning about the mirror modifier. One of the most important modifiers in your arsenal.

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Array Modifier Relative Offset

In this lesson we will expand upon the array modifier and look at the relative offset method in more detail.

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Array Modifier Constant Offset

Expanding further upon the array modifier. In this lesson we look at the constant offset method.

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Bevel Modifier Part 2

In this lesson we expand upon our knowledge of the bevel modifier and look at different settings within it in more detail

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Edit Mirror

This lesson will focus on the mirror edit functionality in Edit mode. How it is similar to the mirror modifier and how it is not.

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