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Expanding upon Edit Mode Tools | Level

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In this level we expand upon what we already know about the edit mode tools, and look at more unique tools as well as new functionality with existing tools. Adding to our tool repertoire.


Icon Name Hint

A small hint to help you better learn which icon's are for which tool in the toolbar in blender.

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Transform Tool

Learning about the transform tool in Blender

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Add Cube Tool Basics

In this lesson we look at the basics of using the Add Cube Tool in Blender.

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Bevel Basics

Bevels and chamfered edges are integral to creating hard surface models. In this lesson we will overview the basic tool to create them.

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Loop Cut Basics

Loops and Rings are going to be very important later on in your learning. In this lesson we will look at how we can create them easily with the tools.

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Shrink and Fatten Tool

Learn about the elusive shrink and fatten tool, and how it can help your workflow.

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UFO example

Lets create a basic ufo shape using the tools that we have learned up to this point.

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Knife Tool

Learn to make cuts in geometry with the knife tool.

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Edge Slide Tool

Sometimes we need to tweak the geometry without affecting the overall shape. The edge slide tool come in handy in these cases.

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Tool Variants

You are not limited to the tools that you see in your toolbar. There are in fact a lot more waiting to be found.

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Vertex Slide Tool

Similar to the edge slide, in this lesson we will look at the vertex slide tool.

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Vertex Bevel

Similar to edge bevels, in this lesson we learn how to create vertex bevels.

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Rip Vertex Tool

Learn how to rip and tear. Useful for when you need to make space for extra geometry.

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