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Basic Scene Creation | Level

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This level is all about learning how to set up a very basic scene so that you can get started with using your new rendering knowledge in conjunction with the content herein to begin to create awesome shots.


Camera Settings

This lesson is about the basic camera settings in Blender.

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Light Settings

This lesson will give an overview of the basic light settings found in Blender.

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Point Light

An overview of a point light object in Blender. One of the default light types within blender.

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Sun Light

In this lesson we look at the sun light within Blender.

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This lesson will teach you about the spot light type within Blender.

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Area Light

This lesson will look at the last of the basic light types within Blender. The area light.

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Introduction to Camera Framing

This lesson aims to introduce you to idea of camera framing for a more impactful and engaging shot.

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Camera Guides

An overview of how to use camera guides to help inform your compositions within Blender.

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Framing the Camera

Continuing on from our initial look into camera framing, we expand upon what you have learned. Getting started with actually doing so in Blender.

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Framing the Camera 2

This lesson continues on from where we left off in the last lesson to continue to bolster your knowledge about framing the camera.

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Basic 3 point light system

This lesson will introduce to you the concept of the 3 point lighting system and how it is a very effective and simple way to light your scenes.

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Scene Creation Example - Pen Block

This will mark the beginning of an example project that we do together where we will create a pen. Bridging our modelling theory with our new scene theory.

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Scene Creation Example - Pen Detail

Continuing on from our blocking stage. In this lesson we look at detailing our Pen.

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Scene Creation Example - Pen Materials

This lesson we will add materials to our pen so it isn't so bland within our scene. Taking the knowledge from previous lessons.

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Scene Creation Example - Scene Finalisation

This lesson brings us to setting up the scene and getting it ready for finally rendering it to show the whole world.

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Scene Creation Example - Rendering

This lesson marks the end of the pen example scene. In this lesson we learn to export our render as an image for other peoples viewing pleasure.

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