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Basic Functions | Level

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At this level, students will become more used to using functions in combination to achieve intricate outcomes and are start to build simple models..


Shortcuts 1

In this lesson students will learn how shortcuts can be used to increase our productivity

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Shortcuts 2

Learn a few new shortcuts in Blender.

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Object Manipulation

In this lesson we look at string together shortcuts to manipulate objects in a flowing fashion.

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Object Manipulation 2

In this lesson we will focus on a exercise to help you identify shortcuts used within a string a functions. Don't worry! You are not expected to get them all on your first try!

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Joining Objects

This lesson will focus on joining two or more objects together.

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Shortcuts 3

Learn further shortcuts to help speed up your learning

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An Introduction in Blocking

This lesson is to introduce the concept of blocking, and utilising functions that we have already learned to achieve a good basic block

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Proportional Editing

Learn about proportional editing and how it can be used

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Expanding upon Proportional Editing

This lesson expands upon what we have already learned about proportional editing

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Creating a Basic Apple Part 1

This lesson marks part 1 of using the knowledge that we have learned up to this point to create an apple

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Creating a Basic Apple Part 2

This lesson marks part 2 of creating a basic apple using the knowledge that we have gathered up to this point

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Shortcuts 4

Expand upon your learning with even more shortcuts

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