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Creating Compelling Environments | Course

Tutor: Hayden Falzon

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This course will teach you how to create an environment in Blender.


Getting Started - Blocking Our Scene

This lesson will lay the foundation for all others. In it we will discus the importance of blocking our scene. And begin to plan ahead.

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Blocking the Tree

In this less we will block the tree using a combination of modifiers and basic modelling techniques.

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Sculpting the Main Trunk

We shall continue on with our work on the tree and begin to sculpt in more shapes and interest into the tree trunk.

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Adding Branches to our Tree

In this lesson we will add some basic branches to our tree and talk about why I make the creative choices that I do in this instance.

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Creating the Flowers

In this lesson we will create the basis shape of the flower that will go on to populate our tree.

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Procedural Flower Material

In this lesson we shall create a flower material using a procedural workflow.

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Re-Align Scene

In this lesson, we shall re-align our scene if needed, as this will be one of the last moments to do so without little to know friction. Any large changes from here on could result in a fair amount of complexity.

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Creating the Low Poly Flower

In this scene we shall create the low poly flowers from our more high poly versions. This is to help make our scene more performant.

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Creating the flower Bunches

This lesson will look at a novel technique to creating volume with but a little bit of topology.

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Adding Flowers to the Tree

In this lesson we will populate our tree with the flowers, and showcase just how much volume we can trick the viewers into believing that they see.

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Creating Backdrop Trees

In this lesson we will create tree's that are designed to fill in the backdrop of our environment. We cannot have a plain background now can we?

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Setting up the Bark Material

In this lesson we will set up a simple bark material for our tree.

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Adding a Mountain

In this lesson I have prepared a file to help you add a little more life.

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Sculpting the Base

In this lesson we will continue with a bit of sculpting. This time of the base that the tree sits upon.

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Adding Flowers to the Base

In this lesson we shall add flowers to the base. We will also briefly introduce the concept of weight in the context of particle placement.

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Creating the Shoreline Material

In this lesson we will give our other shore a little more life by adding a simple shoreline material.

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Making the Leaves feel more real

In this lesson we will look at a way that we can inject procedural data so that we can drive each flower to have a random color, bringing more life to our scene.

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Lighting, Compositing and Rendering

In this lesson we will finalize our scene and make it far more visually appealing. We will do so by lighting and compositing.

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